EVEN is a virtual institute focused on Design and Product Development. Its origins come from the results of DENTOT project (IMT, AAMM 035) which highlighted the need to set up a permanent network integrating the European expertise in the field of product design.

The main final objectives of EVEN are listed bellow:

- Promote the advance of the technological and market understanding in the field of virtual engineering.

- Meet the different needs of research and industrial sectors with a strong market orientation.

- Improve the prospects of European SMEs working in globalised industries.

- Promote the creation of jobs of higher value added.

- Make a more effective use of R&D and product development resources in order to intensify the product innovation capability of European SMEs.

- Better integration of product development process within total business operations and with external resources within a specific supply chain.

- Give support to SMEs with the will of supporting their activities and contributing to the improvement of the competitiveness in the different industrial sectors.