List of sessions

Lyapunov-type Stability Conditions 13 27 49
Optimal Control 17 19 52
Lyapunov-Krasovskii Functionals 28 36 56 58
and Control 21 26 34 60
Parameterization of Controllers 15 20 30 70
Novel Numerical Methods for Time Delay Systems 23 41 55 67
Identification and Observation of Time Delay Systems 32 54 57 66
Mechanical Systems and Teleoperation 24 42 50 65
Traffic and Vehicles 22 40 53 64
Propagation and Flows 29 46 51 62
Stability Analysis I 31 38 44 61 68
Stability Analysis II 33 39 45 63 69


Accepted papers

13 Juan Eduardo Velàzquez-Velàzquez, Mexico, and Vladimir Kharitonov, Russia
Lyapunov functions for scalar neutral type time delay equation

15 Hitay Ozbay, Turkey, and A. Nazli Gundes, USA
On Stabilizing Controllers with Integral Action for Systems with Time Delays

17 Rafail Gabasov, Belarus, Faina M. Kirillova, Belarus, and Natalia M. Dmitruk, Belarus
Optimal on-line control of linear time-delay systems

19 Natalia M. Dmitruk, Belarus
Optimal robust control of constrained linear time-delay systems

20 Pavel Zitek, Czech Republic, Vladimir Kucera, Czech Republic, and Tomas Vyhlidal, Czech Republic
Cascade control parameterization for time delay plants

21 Akira Kojima, Japan
Full-information H-infinity control for unilateral delay systems

22 Mohamed Berriri, France, Philippe Chevrel, France, Damien Lefebvre, France
Varying sampling predictive control for time delay systems: Application to automative powertrain control

23 Miroslav Halas, Slovakia
Ore algebras: a polynomial approach to nonlinear time-delay systems

24 Naoto Abe, Japan, and Yusuke Oonuki, Japan
Experimental evaluation on strictly proper approximation of state predictor for inverted pendulum

26 Baris Kizilsaç Turkey
Dynamic output feedback H-infinity control problem for a class of linear neutral systems

27 Emilia Fridman, Israel, Dambrine Michel, France, and Nima Yeganefar, France
On matrix inequalities approach to input to state stability

28 Raul Villafuerte, Mexico, and Sabine Mondié, Mexico
On improving estimate of the region of attraction of a class of nonlinear time delay system

29 Daniel Melchor-Aguilar, México
On the asymptotic stability of proportional-integral AQM controllers supporting TCP flows

30 Irinel-Constantin Morarescu, France, Silviu-Iulian Niculescu, France, and Keqin Gu, USA
On the geometry of PI controllers for SISO systems with input delays

31 Mohammad Poursina, USA, and Nejat Olgac, USA
Delay decoupling control, a novel method for systems with multiple time delays

32 Lotfi Belkoura, France, Jean-Pierre Richard, France, and Michel Fliess, France
Real time identification of delay systems

33 Vladimir Kharitonov, Russia, Sabine Mondié, Mexico, and Gilberto Ochoa, Mexico
Frequency stability analysis of linear systems with general distributed delays

34 Ulrich Münz, Germany, and Frank Allgöwer, Germany
L2-gain based controller design for linear systems with distributed delays and rational delay kernels

36 Laurentiu Hetel, France, Jamal Daafouz, France, and Claude Iung, France
Equivalence between the Lyapunov-Krasovskii functional approach for discrete delay systems and the stability conditions for switched systems

38 Tudor Ionescu, Romania, and Radu Stefan, Romania
Stability analysis of neutral systems: a delay-dependent criterion

39 Hisaya Fujioka, Japan
Stability analysis of systems with aperiodic sample-and-hold devices

40 Paul Stewart, UK, Dan Gladwin, UK, and Richard Cowley, UK
generator voltage stabilisation for the series hybrid vehicle

41 Alexander Kamachkin, Russia, and Alexander Stepanov, Russia
On stable periodic solutions of time delay systems containing hysteresis nonlinearities

42 Hector Javier Estrada-Sandoval, Mexico, Luis Alejandro Marquez-Martinez, Mexico, and Claude Moog, France
Master-slave synchronization for two inverted pendulums with communication time-delay

44 Iasson Karafyllis, Greece, Pierdomenico Pepe, Italy, and Zhong-Ping Jiang, USA
Stability results for systems described by coupled retarded functional differential equations and functional difference equations

45 Valery Glizer, Israel
On a spectrum analysis of singularly perturbed systems with small delays

46 Pierdomenico Pepe, Italy
A robust nonlinear state feedback control law for a stirred tank chemical reactor with recycling

49 Yury Orlov, Mexico, and Emilia Fridman, Israel
On exponential stability of linear retarded distributed parameter systems

50 Toshiki Oguchi, Japan, Takashi Yamamoto, Japan, and Henk Nijmeijer
Synchronisation of nonlinear systems by bidirectional coupling with time-varying delay

51 Tomas Vyhlidal, Czech Republic, Pavel Zitek, Czech Republic, and Karel Paulu, Czech Republic
Design, modelling and control of the experimental heat transfer set-up

52 Erik Verriest, USA, and Pierdomenico Pepe, Italy
Time optimal and optimal impulsive control for coupled differential difference point delay systems with an application in forestry

53 Woihida Aggoune, France, Dorin Sendrescu, Romania, and Silviu-Iulian Niculescu, France
Some remarks on vehicle following control systems with delays

54 Milena Anguelova, Sweden, and Bernt Wennberg, Sweden
State elimination and identifiability of delay parameters for nonlinear systems with multiple time-delays

55 Matthew Peet, France, and Pierre-Alexandre Bliman, France
An extension of the Weierstrass theorem to linear varieties: Application to delay systems

56 Blanca Margarita Ochoa Galván, Mexico, and Sabine Mondié
Unstability conditions for time delay systems via functionals of complete type

57 Alexandre Seuret, UK, Thierry Floquet, France, Jean-Pierre Richard, France, and Sarah Spurgeon, UK
Observer design for systems with non small and unknown time-varying delay

58 Gilberto Ochoa, Mexico, Eduardo Velazquez, Mexico, Vladimir Kharitonov, Russia, and Sabine Mondié, Mexico
Lyapunov matrices for neutral type time delay systems

60 Mohamed Berriri, France, Philippe Chevrel, France, and Damien Lefebvre, France
A state-predictor based solution to the standard delayed control problem

61 Rifat Sipahi, USA
An efficient numerical approach for the stability analysis of a class of LTI systems with arbitrary number of delays

62 Vladimir Rasvan, Romania
Functional differential equations associated to propagation

63 Wim Michiels, Belgium, Emilia Fridman, Israel, and Silviu-Iulian Niculescu, France
On stability radii in delay parameters

64 Rifat Sipahi, USA, and Silviu-Iulian Niculescu, France
A survey of deterministic time-delayed traffic flow models and arising problems due to delays

65 Joono Cheong, South Korea, Silviu-Iulian Niculescu, France, Yonghwan Oh, South Korea, and Irinel Constantin Morarescu, France
Some remarks on delay effects in motion synchronisation in shared virtual environments

66 Céline Casenave, France, and Gérard Montseny, France
Optimal identification of delay-diffusive operators and application to the impedance operator of absorbent materials

67 Catherine Bonnet, France, Matthew Peet, France
Using the positivstellensatz for stability analysis of neutral delay systems in the frequency domain

68 Bahram Shafai, USA, Hani Sadaka, USA, Rifat Sipahi, USA, Jie Chen, USA
Robust stability and stability radius for linear time delay systems with multi-structure perturbations

69 Daniela Danciu, Romania, and Vladimir Rasvan, Romania
Output feedback stabilization versus delay

70 Michael Di Loreto, France, and Jean Jacques Loiseau, France
Stabilization of neutral time-delay systems